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Secures Your Website
Prevents data exfiltration
Secures Your Website
Prevents data exfiltration
Complete Visibility
Monitors all network traffic
Simple to Use
Set up in under 1 minute
CSP both significantly lags other security headers, and the policies in use are often ineffective
Quote from the research paper, "Why is CSP Failing?"

About Enchanted Security

About Enchanted Security

Enchanted Security is a virtual content security policy that secures your visitors' browsers while on your website. Adding Enchanted Security's JavaScript to your website protects your visitors against data exfiltration threats which could lead to loss of session tokens, passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information.

The traditional alternative to Enchanted Security is a header-based content security policy applied by the browser itself. Unfortunately, this requires reworking much of your existing website code, and takes significant time to implement. Further, it's hard to do right. Studies have shown that "99.34% of hosts with CSP use policies that offer no benefit against XSS" since they contain subtle insecurities.

By contrast, Enchanted Security can be applied in minutes, automagically blocks malicious network traffic in realtime, and provides complete auditability of all requests, not just those blocked.

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