How It Works


Install Snippet

Install Enchanted Security's tamper-resistant JavaScript snippet on your site. The inline snippet is designed to be small, adding only a few milliseconds to load time, and does not require active configuration on your end.


Track Network Requests

Enchanted Security intercepts all network requests made on your site, both to keep an audit log, as well as block malicious network requests. This stops attempts to load malware scripts or steal sensitive data like session tokens or credit card numbers.


Stop Malware

We use explicit block lists, anomaly detection, machine learning, and taint tracking to detect possible malware on your site. With our managed detection system, you'll only be alerted when we think something warrants your time, significantly reducing false positives.


Log History

If you ever need to debug something on your site, you'll want to know when events occurred and who was affected. Since we keep a historical log of everything that happened, both blocked and unblocked requests, you'll be able to retroactively investigate events.

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